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Apr 19

Rest for the Weary

Took the weekend off since next Saturday/Sunday will be booked up with the American Odessey Relay (if anyone is running, I’ll be your volunteer team captain at Checkpoint #30) and then the start of JCOC 79. Can’t wait.

It got me thinking, though, that while we in the private sector get days off – be they Saturday/Sunday or some other combination – many of those serving overseas don’t have that luxury. Instead, they spent their weekends getting the cars clean and shiny, on patrol, doing mandatory workouts at the gym and who knows what else. They can only dream about spending an entire lazy Sunday in bed with a loved one or outside in the sunshine having a picnic and flying a kite.

A good friend of mine who serves in the Air Force once told me that when serving overseas, “Every day is Wednesday.” So here’s to Monday, the start of my work week, but probably the long, long middle of someone else’s. I’ll be keeping this in mind over the two weeks, especially when fumbling for those 4AM wake-up calls. 

PS  LTG Whitcomb told me to practice my “Hooah.”  If you hear a strange noise coming out of my office, let me know how it sounds!

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide