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May 06

Amazing Things a C-17 Can Do

One of our fabulous Air Force crew shared this five-minute video with me.  It includes some amazing things that the C-17 transport plane can do in all sorts of weather.  It’s accompanied by a song called “Anytime, Anywhere” which pretty much sums up the mission of the C-17. 

 our-plane2 (This was “our” C-17.)

I’d also like to give a shout-out to the entire crew.  So professional and operated as a real team.  On the last day, we deplaned and I realized that I had forgotten to thank two of the pilots.  I asked Major Marc Greene, who I believe was the “crew chief” (and also a pilot) if I could at least wave my thanks to them in the cockpit.  Turns out they weren’t in the cockpit.  They were in the back of the plane, helping the rest of the team unload the luggage and get the C-17 ready for the next trip.  Now that’s teamwork. 

Snaps to these guys: Major Todd Mercer, 1Lt Zachary Walrond, 1Lt Zachary Spencer, MSgt Joseph Sampson, SSgt Marc Failing, TSgt Brad Goehrig, Major Marc Greene.

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