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May 04

Thanks US Military

A few photos from our final day of the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference. Special thanks for this day goes to the Air Force for providing superb representation of its forces at breakfast and the Army for, well, being the greatest Team at JCOC 79.

battle-wound Red Badge of Courage?  Or simply a mark of foolishness?  This is what happens when one falls off a swinging rope at Parris Island into a ditch.

marie-and-genl-kurt With the fabulous General Kurt Chichowski, Vice Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command.  He invited several members of his team to breakfast.  I sat with a weatherman whose job is not only to forecast, but, more importantly, use environmental conditions to determine tactical solutions.  For example, where to drop the skydivers (civilian term, I know) or at what altitude/distance to push the supplies out the plane so they land in the correct spot. 

marie-and-genl-fiel With General Fiel, U.S. Special Operations Command, Chief of Staff.  Gave up his schedule for a week to travel with us and answer all of our questions very clearly and with great patience.  Told us, “The military has special people and so do you.  You have to invest in your people and have trust and confidence in them.”  When it comes down to it, there are a great deal of similarities between the people of the military and the people of the private sector…except in the training.  And that’s reflected in the skill and discipline we saw thoughout the week.

team-army Team Army, always leading the charge. 

team-army-captain-presentation Presenting MSGT Christine Thompson, Team Army’s captain, with a cap signed by the members of Team Army.  Just what she needs…another green hat!

best-team-captain-ever  Christine totally rocked.  Not the least reason being that she figured out that a light tap was all it took to get me to stop babbling away and run for the bus, enabling an on-time departure.

luggage-packed-and-ready-to-go Very quickly after landing, the rear of the aircraft would rise so that the luggage could be quickly unloaded.  This technique also afforded spectacular views of the airfield.

naomi-gets-us-f18s Naomi Dorren of Marine Corps Community Relations swore she got us these F-18’s to send us off.  I also think it was a reward for successfully completing the first two minutes of Recruit Training at Parris Island and not breaking our necks while rappelling.  Thanks Naomi! 

To come this week: The resurgence of Marie Manning’s Top 10 Quotes.  More participant photos.  Blog links.  And much, much more.

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